Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Arte e a Gastronomia IX - Market acroos the world

Alec Ee - Balance

Alec Ee - Monks having lunch at monastery

Alec Ee - Pink cones

Alec Ee - The cutte little hawker

Cherlyn - Youg fruits sellers

Douglas Brill - Girls in the Village of Tal - Nepal

Douglas Brill - Just another day at market


  1. Jealous!! i want to go there!! take me with you?? ;)

  2. How beautiful. I am particularly impressed by the balancing act. I would ruin a lot of food learning to do that.

  3. beautiful place love the pink cones my daughter would love it

  4. the only thing is, i dont speak your language so i cant understand your blogs :(

  5. Muito bom seu blog, coisas bem interessantes do Rio, a minha irma vai sempre para lá por trabalho. Vou indica seu blo para ela